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Wortheum Is The First Blockchain-Based Web 3.0 News Platform, Opens The Door To Unlimited Earning Possibilities For Journalists: Ashutosh Singh, Founder & CEO Wortheum | Technology

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India (NewsView) Wortheum, India’s first blockchain-based DPoS news and media platform, was officially launched at the Hilton Garden Inn Lucknow, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow on Friday.

The Wortheum platform was also listed today on the Singapore-based “Coinstore” exchange. The program was moderated by Jaswinder Sehgal, Senior International Journalist and the program started with the lighting of the lamp, followed by a virtual video message from Mr. Sindhu Bhaskar, Visionary Chairman of EST Global, on the usefulness of blockchain technology and its use in journalism. Afterwards, Mr. Ashutosh Singh, Founder and CEO of Wortheum, welcomed everyone in the welcome speech, talking about the Wortheum platform and how it will address the challenges of grassroots journalists. He said that Wortheum is the first blockchain-based news platform in India. How this platform will empower journalists. Explaining the potential for expansion of this platform, he said that our goal is to reach every village in India through this platform and empower them. On this occasion, topics related to ‘Wortheum’ and Blockchain Technology and Web 3.0 were discussed in detail. The guests present at the program highlighted the features and possibilities of this Wortheum news platform. Former CNBC Awaaz editor Mr. Alok Joshi ji told a panel discussion that print journalism has been very difficult for journalists. Grassroots journalists struggle a lot for its needs. It will now be possible for journalists to get these digital rewards through Wortheum and journalists will get their full value through Wortheum. Journalism faces many challenges, but as Web 3.0 evolves, content can be monetized by the owner of the information. Mr. Varun Sethi, Blockchain Lawyer, Supreme Court, said that “Web 3.0 is a decentralized system based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain and will help overcome many challenges once Blockchain technology becomes available to the masses. Giving an example, Mr. Varun Sethi said that earlier when a lyricist wrote a song, he would get a certain amount, then after the advent of intermediary channels like YouTube and other platforms, he started earning profits by monetizing them, but then also, he only got a maximum of ten percent of the total value, but after the arrival of this blockchain technology, the role of intermediaries will end and every journalist will be able to obtain the full value of its contents. He further explained that in traditional journalism, editors decide what information should be known or not, but in Web 3.0, now every user is the editor. Shri Varun Sethi shed light on digital asset laws during the program. He cleared up all the misconceptions related to digital assets law and shed light on the state of digital assets law in India. Lalit Bansal, CEO and Blockchain Expert, EIY SYS Pvt. Limited, while discussing that journalism will get more freedom after the advent of Web 3.0. Shri Lalit Bansal ji explained the impact and benefits of Web 3.0 in the media. He also spoke about the future of Web 3.0 in the media. Talking about Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, he said that in the era of Web 1.0 content could only be read on the website then after that Web 2.0 came when the content could be read, written and reacted to, and in Web 3.0 content can also be monetized. Mr. Ramesh Shrikonda, Head of Marketing at Coinstore Exchange, a Singapore-based Crypto currency exchange, said that this blockchain technology is revolutionary and in the future Wortheum’s decentralized news and media platform will offer a new dimension to independent journalism. After Wortheum is listed on the CoinStore Exchange today, trading this digital asset will be possible. Speaking of its limitless potential, Dev Raghuvanshi, COO Wortheum, said that as journalism is eternal and growing, we will continue to grow. CTO, Wortheum Vishal Verma, emphasizing the reliability of blockchain technology, said that it is a hack-proof technology and the scalability of Wortheum is unlimited. Ashutosh Singh, Founder and CEO of Wortheum, said news can be edited on this platform but cannot be deleted. It works on the principle of “my news my responsibility” and this platform is completely transparent and the person who writes the news on this platform also gets a 50% reward as well as the one who likes it also gets a 50% reward. Wortheum is the first Blockchain-based Web 3.0 news platform and Wortheum will open the door to unlimited earning opportunities for journalists through digital rewards, he added. He announced the official inauguration of Wortheum and informed that today the platform is listed on the Singapore-based exchange Coinstore and users can now trade in Wortheum’s digital asset.

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