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Investing in Blockchain Capital (BCAP) – Everything you need to know

Blockchain Capital (BCAP) is a leading venture capital firm in the blockchain industry. The network is recognized as a pioneering force in the market for many reasons. It is the company behind the first official launch of security tokens in April 2017. Since then, the security token industry has seen significant growth, with Blockchain Capital contributing to this expansion. Today, Blockchain Capital is offering token shares of its highly successful venture capital fund to the public.

Blockchain Capital has a proven track record of success. The firm has helped fund over 70 projects and has over 130 portfolio companies. The network currently controls $1.8 billion in assets and is managed by 12 dedicated investment professionals. In particular, Blockchain Capital has also participated in four unicorn investments and currently offers five funds to its clientele.

What problems is Blockchain Capital trying to solve?

Blockchain Capital is helping address some critical issues that have made investing in security tokens harder than it should be. For one, the protocol streamlines entry into the blockchain industry for institutional and enterprise traders. For years there has been a lot of hype surrounding the entry of institutional funds into the market.

Blockchain Capital (BCAP) - Homepage

Blockchain Capital (BCAP) – Homepage

However, these funds have only dwindled as large investment firms require a host of regulatory requirements to be met before participation. Blockchain Capital alleviates this problem with its unique structure. Notably, traders who hold the BCAP token gain exposure to the market in a regulated and secure manner.

Confusion of traders

Joining the blockchain revolution can be very confusing for newcomers to the market. Finding promising projects is difficult. It’s nearly impossible when the person is unfamiliar with the terminology and features currently available. Blockchain Capital eliminates confusion with its risk-adjusted approach. Traders benefit from exposure to top performing platforms that have proven to be smart investments.


Large institutional investment firms will not trade in assets that lack the regulatory compliance mechanism they need to avoid future bites. The crypto market has already seen a few cases in which ICOs were later accused by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) of violating securities laws.

Blockchain Capital offers users an option that can meet their strict requirements. All network funds comply with existing US regulatory requirements. As such, they are the perfect investment tool for these businesses and anyone looking for exposure to crypto through an approved option.

Lack of funds

Another major benefit that Blockchain Capital brings to the market is funding. Blockchain startups often fail due to lack of resources. Blockchain Capital sorts through the best protocols to discover which projects offer the highest ROI potential. These networks enjoy access to a network of entrepreneurs, investors, and crypto users eager to invest in the next game-changer in the market.

Benefits of Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Capital users enjoy many benefits. On the one hand, they have access to the opinions of proven professionals. The network is known for conducting extensive research and developing investment frameworks that can be used across the market seamlessly.


One of the main reasons a person would invest in Blockchain Capital is because of its proven track record of returns. Anyone who holds BCAP tokens gets rights to a portion of the profits of the fund which has proven to be lucrative to date. These returns will continue until the token holder trades or sells their BCAP tokens to other approved holders.

Blockchain Capital (BCAP) - Twitter

Blockchain Capital (BCAP) – Twitter


Developers often suffer from many of the same issues as users. On the one hand, new projects that create entirely new concepts are particularly sensitive in terms of regulatory concerns and more. Blockchain Capital specializes in supporting blockchain technology to create new markets and business models. In this way, the company continues to do its part to drive widespread crypto adoption.

How does Blockchain Capital work?

Blockchain Capital operates as a multi-step investor in the market. The network seeks out promising crypto startups and creates funds that allow companies to gain exposure to crypto assets in a regulated manner. Notably, Blockchain Capital invests in both stocks and crypto-assets. The main requirement to qualify for these funds is to be a blockchain-based company with a concept that has the potential to disrupt the market.


The BCAP token was launched as the first security token in the market in 2017. The token grants holders rights to funds in the network. Notably, all merchants must complete a full AML and KYC registration to hold this digital asset.


Blockchain Capital has been an influential member of the crypto community since entering the market in 2013. Back then, the network was called Crypto Currency Partners. The network lists its founders as Bart Stephens, Bradford Stephens and Brock Pierce. Notably, Pierce is a well-known crypto star who has run for president in the past. He is best known as Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation.

In 2017, Blockchain Capital secured $10 million in funding through a crowdfunding campaign. The event saw the participation of many popular projects with Ripple (XRP) being one of the main participants. Since then, the network has enjoyed the support of the crypto community due to its well-known and experienced founders and results.

How to buy blockchain capital (BCAP)

Currently, Blockchain Capital (BCAP) is available for purchase on the following exchanges.

Securing the Markets – This exchange was launched in 2021 and remains one of the leading options for buying digital securities such as Blockchain Capital (BCAP) in the secondary market.

This exchange is managed by To secure Markets, an SEC-registered broker with Central Registration Depository (CRD) number: 283256. The unique The SEC (Security Exchange Commission) identifier for this company is: 8-69743. The legal status of Securitize can be verified with FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.).

INX Securities – This exchange (formerly known as Openfinance) is an SEC-registered broker-dealer with Central Registration Depository (CRD) number: 162182. The unique The SEC (Security Exchange Commission) identifier for this company is: 8-69058. The legal status of INX Securities may be verified through FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.).

INX is available for residents of Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States. Canada is prohibited.

Disclaimer: Assets listed on the Securitize and INX websites are securities that are not publicly traded, may be subject to resale restrictions, and are intended for investors who do not require a liquid investment. These investments are NOT bank deposits (and therefore NOT insured by the FDIC or any other government agency), are NOT guaranteed by Securitize Markets or INX Securities, LLC or its affiliates, and MAY lose value. Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority has recommended or endorsed any investment or the accuracy or completeness of any information or materials provided by or through the Securitize Markets website, INX or website. Investors must be able to afford the loss of their entire investment.

Blockchain Capital – Boosting Institutional Investment Across the Market

The crypto industry needs platforms like Blockchain Capital if it is ever to grow from personal users to large institutional funding. Big hedge funds and trading companies aren’t going to bother when there’s a risk of future legal repercussions. Blockchain Capital offers a single entry point that is both efficient and profitable. As such, you can expect to hear a lot more from this group in the weeks to come.

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