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Moonfire Ventures and Leading Web3 VCs Host Tezos Blockchain Pitch Day for Web3 Entrepreneurs

LONDON, UK, 21 June 2022, Chainwire

  • Moonfire Ventures is collaborating with the Tezos ecosystem to further accelerate some of the most exciting projects in the Tezos ecosystem.
  • Pitch Day is an opportunity for projects being built on the Tezos blockchain to engage with leading Web3 venture capitalists and advisors.
  • Applications are open to all categories, including DeFi, Gaming, NFT, and Digital Identity.
  • The deadline to apply is June 24 and final presentations will take place on July 14.

European Web3 leaders moon fire, Cherryand Tissue, announced that they are collaborating with the Tezos ecosystem for their first ever Tezos “Pitch Day”. The Pitch Day is a unique opportunity for projects that are built on the Tezos blockchain to engage with potential investors and advisors. Applications are open, regardless of any previous funding or the maturity of the project. Project categories can include DeFi, Gaming, NFT, digital identity, etc.

The official Pitch Day, which will be held on Thursday, July 14, will feature a short list of submissions. If selected to participate, participants will have access to office hours for mentoring and coaching, as well as ongoing support during pitch preparation. The pitch will be a 3-4 minute virtual presentation, live with the Moonfire team and a panel of potential investors.

To submit an application, Click here. The deadline for applications is Friday, June 24.

Moonfire Ventures is a next-generation venture capital firm that backs the most innovative founders focused on global technology disruption. The company said blockchain’s potential as a globally distributed transactional database is changing the way the world computes and unlocks new product capabilities. “The Pitch Day” collaboration between Moonfire VC and the Tezos ecosystem is a concerted effort to harness the growing wave of exciting new projects built on Tezos and equip founders with the resources they need to succeed.

Tezos is one of the pioneering Proof of Stake blockchains and enables developers and brands to build low-cost, user-friendly applications with industry-leading security, speed, and power efficiency. The Tezos ecosystem is home to a thriving community of builders and creators leveraging easy-to-use developer tools to build powerful apps for the decentralized app ecosystem.

To learn more about Moonfire, visit and follow @Moonfire_VC

To learn more about Cherry Ventures, visit

To learn more about Fabric Ventures, visit

For more information about Tezos, visit and follow @Tezos on Twitter.


Moonfire Ventures:

Moonfire is a European “first money in” seed fund that aims to help founders at the very beginning of their journey to create the right foundations for exponential growth. Moonfire was founded in 2020 by Mattias Ljungman, co-founder of Atomico, one of Europe’s leading venture capital funds with over $2 billion in assets under management. He has spent 20 years investing in the best European founders. Its major investments include Klarna (valued at $31 billion), Supercell (exit $5 billion to Softbank), Viagogo (valued at over $2.25 billion) and Climate Corp (exit $1.1 billion). dollars to Monsanto). Moonfire focuses on investing in health and wellbeing, work and knowledge, games, community and leisure and capital and finance with recent investments across Europe.

Cherry Ventures:

Cherry Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm led by a team of entrepreneurs experienced in building fast-growing businesses such as Zalando and Spotify. The firm backs Europe’s boldest founders, typically as early stage institutional investors, and supports them in everything from their go-to-market strategy to scaling their businesses. Cherry Ventures has already invested in the seed stage of over 75 companies across Europe, focusing on climate tech, agritech, fintech, e-commerce, software and more. The extended team of 24 people is present in Berlin, Stockholm and London and has a wealth of experience in fields such as IT, health and

neuroscience, law, media, organizational design, product, finance, etc. The team itself hails from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Sweden.

Fabric companies:

Fabric supports the founders of the Open Economy. Investing in builders, businesses and networks from inception to scale since 2012.

About Tezos:

Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and trade value in a digitally connected world. A self-scaling, energy-efficient Proof of Stake blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly embraces tomorrow’s innovations without network disruption today. For more information, visit


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