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5 new cryptocurrencies that could be listed on Binance

Centralized exchange listings can do wonders for a crypto project, so finding a new cryptocurrency listed on Binance can be a great investment technique.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be looking at 5 projects that could be a new cryptocurrency on Binance, soon.

The top 5 new cryptocurrencies that could be listed on Binance

Every project we review has garnered a ton of attention from investors on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap, which means they could be a new cryptocurrency listing on Binance in the near future.

  • Battle Infinity – Overall the best crypto that could be listed on Binance
  • Lucky Block – Exciting crypto project with frequent raffles
  • twilight power – Metasocial network that could be listed on Binance
  • DigitalFinancialExch – Ensured cross-asset platform
  • IMOV – Inclusive fitness project

Focus on the 5 new cryptocurrencies that could be listed on Binance

Binance usually keeps the projects it plans to list secret until just hours before it is added to the platform. This makes it difficult to find new cryptocurrencies listed on Binance. However, each of the projects we have listed has grown in popularity and could be the next new crypto on Binance.

Battle Infinity – Overall the best crypto that could be listed on Binance

Blending fantasy sports, the Metaverse, and gambling to win, Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a project that deserves to be one of the newest cryptos on Binance. Despite currently being on presale, Battle Infinity managed to raise over $1 million within two weeks of release. Additionally, the project is KYC verified by Coinsniper and audited by Solid Proof, eliminating the risk of pulling a rug.

picture3 (2)Projector wire

In order to appeal to investors of all persuasions, Battle Infinity will be split into six different platforms that all exist within the IBAT ecosystem. The IBAT Premier League (a fantasy sports league), the IBAT Battle Swap (a decentralized exchange), the IBAT Battle Market (NFT marketplace for in-game items and artists), the IBAT Battle Games (a platform P2E gaming platform), the IBAT Battle Arena (a metaverse world with customizable avatars), and the IBAT Battle Stake (a staking platform that allows users to earn rewards on their holdings).

The Battle Infinity ecosystem is powered by the BEP-20 based IBAT token. As a BSC-based token, $IBAT is ready to join the list of new Binance crypto listings. The digital asset has a total supply of 10 billion tokens, of which 28% has been reserved for pre-sale investors. The token has a range of uses in the IBAT universe, including rewarding users for gambling, staking, and advertisements.

Although Battle Infinity has yet to join the ranks of new cryptocurrencies listed on Binance, it has a high probability of doing so once the project is fully unveiled. Therefore, joining this crypto pre-sale early might be the best way to get exposure to new crypto coming to Binance. Join the IBAT Telegram group to find out more.

Visit the IBAT presale now

Lucky Block – Exciting crypto project with frequent raffles

For Binance to add new cryptos, it would be strange not to at least consider Lucky Block (LBLOCK), the fastest crypto to reach a market cap of $1 billion. The project uses blockchain technology to create a fair and efficient competition platform.

image8 (2)Projector wire

What separates Lucky Block from other coin toss-type crypto projects (other than a great team, solid track record, and great community) is its “everyone is a winner” philosophy. This means that every Lucky Block user (as long as they hold LBLOCK or a Lucky Block NFT) can claim part of the reward pool just for voting on the next charity to receive a Lucky Block donation. This allows players to win, even if they didn’t make it through the weekly draws.

The native Lucky Block token is $LBLOCK. Although currently based on the BEP standard, the token will soon migrate to ERC to enable centralized exchange listings. This migration is expected to happen in the near future and could help LBLOCK get into the next batch of new Binance crypto listings.

Although LBLOCK has yet to become a new cryptocurrency listed on Binance, with the amount of demand for the token, it is only a matter of time before the exchange resumes the project.

Visit Lucky Block now

Woonkly Power – Metasocial network that could be listed on Binance

Woonkly Power is an exciting new social network that could be the next new cryptocurrency listed on Binance. He’s already enjoyed some attention on Pancake Swap, so it only seems a matter of time before CEX listings start popping up.

picture5 (2)Projector wire

At its core, Woonkly Power is a new form of social media that will be decentralized in nature. Every post on the Woonkly Power platform will be tokenized as an NFT, which means users are given absolute control over their posts and data. The main goal of Woonkly Power is to create a community of crypto enthusiasts who can work together and bounce their ideas off each other.

Although Woonkly Power cannot yet claim to be a new crypto coming to Binance US or the global platform, it has a unique concept, a large community and is extremely promising, which means it could be next. new cryptocurrency listed on Binance.

DigitalFinancialExch – Assured cross-asset platform
DigitalFinancialExch’s proprietary token is DIFX, a potential new cryptocurrency listed on Binance. Although the project has yet to garner widespread attention, it has proven to be one of the best cryptos to buy during the crypto winter, leading many investors to grab a few tokens.

picture1 (4)Projector wire

The project aims to reshape crypto exchanges by providing investors with fully insured wallets, a high level of security, and 24/7 support. The platform is already fully functional and boasts a high trading volume, which means it will likely be on the radar for new cryptos added to Binance.

With competing exchanges like already showing some love for DigitalFinancialExch, it seems only a matter of time before the project becomes a new cryptocurrency listed on Binance.

IMOV – Inclusive Fitness Project

When StepN was a new cryptocurrency listed on Binance, the token exploded. Therefore, another project aiming to take advantage of the moving business to earn might easily find a listing. IMOV is the latest move-to-earn project but it has a difference; a focus on inclusiveness.

picture4 (2)Projector wire

The project follows a similar model to the well-established StepN; reward users who share their health data by going out and moving. The app offers modes for solo participants, marathons and most importantly; People with Disabilities.

Although IMOV is not yet a new cryptocurrency coming to Binance, the project’s well-defined model and focus on inclusivity might help the exchange consider it.

How to buy IBAT?

If Battle Infinity is listed, it will be the best new cryptocurrency on Binance. Therefore, we have included a guide explaining how to buy IBAT.

Step 1 – Register with an Exchange

As IBAT is a BEP-based token, before purchasing IBAT, an investor must first register with a regulated exchange like eToro.

picture7 (1)Projector wire

Visit eToro now

Crypto-assets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No investor protection in UK or EU

Step 2 – Deposit and Buy BNB

After signing up, click on “Deposit Funds”, decide how much to invest and press “Deposit”. Next, click on the search bar, enter ‘BNB’, choose a number of tokens and press ‘Open Trade’.

picture2 (2)Projector wire

Step 3 – Create a Metamask and Send BNB

To interact with the IBAT presale, an investor must first create a MetaMask wallet by downloading the browser extension or app and following the on-screen instructions. Next, make sure the wallet is set to Binance Smart Chain and withdraw the BNB to MetaMask using the eToro Money Wallet.

picture9Projector wire

Step 4 – Connect the wallet and buy IBAT

Next, go to the IBAT website, click on “Connect Wallet”, select MetMask and confirm the connection. Scroll down, decide how many IBAT to buy and press “Buy IBAT”, the tokens will be sent directly to MetaMask.

picture6 (1)Projector wire


With Battle Infinity attracting over $1 million in investment in its first two weeks of presale, it could be the next new cryptocurrency listed on Binance. The project is jam-packed with usefulness and shows massive amounts of promise, so it’s well worth checking it out today using the link below.

Visit the IBAT presale

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