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Best Tiktok Cryptocurrency 2022

New generations of crypto investors are surely looking at the big picture and using all resources to learn more about the crypto market, but also to teach others and share knowledge. TikTok is hugely popular around the world, and aside from having it as a form of entertainment while you’re queuing or just relaxing at home, it now has another use: finding the best cryptocurrency to to buy. Lately, investors who have found the strategy to work want to share the tips they learned or just share the news. Here is the top trending TikTok cryptocurrency on TikTok!

Top 6 cryptocurrencies seen on TikTok

Tiktokers have found a new way to max out a minute. When you start listening to the TiK ToK video, you will get the most information in a very short time. The people making these videos are usually the ones who tried everything they could and used their knowledge to be where they are now. In most cases, these people have already increased their investment, and now they want to build a community of like-minded people who are ready to explore what’s out there. Here are six cryptocurrencies seen on TikTok:
1. Tamadoge
2. Infinity Battle
3. Lucky Block
4. DeFi Coin
5. Ethereum
6. Bitcoin
Keep reading to learn more about each of these pieces. Let’s start!
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1. Tamadoge

Tamadoge is the meme piece that’s trending on TikTok these days. Currently there is a beta sale, and all interested investors can buy it using the card or using Eth or USDT which is already in their wallet. There is a transparent meter on the official website which shows that at the moment 3,100 USDT is raised out of a total of 10,000,000. Since there have been many stack draws lately, it is important to say that Tamadoge is fully audited by Solid Proof, which means it is completely secure. Moreover, it is also Verified by Coinsniper, which ensures the complete security of this project.
The reason Tamadoge is so popular is its usefulness in the Tamaverse. Players who want to start playing this very interesting game must try to get as many points throughout the game, fight other players and also keep their pet (Tamadoge) alive. If you do not take care of your pet properly, it becomes Tamaghost. The plan is to have 2 billion of these coins available in total. In the first stage, there will be 1 billion circulating, while the rest will be reserved for future stages. That being said, now may be the perfect time to invest since it has been announced that the price will increase by 25% in just over a month!
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2. Infinity Battle
Battle Infinity is the new game platform where sports enthusiast players can choose the one they like, and it is based on play2earn principle. The games that can be found on this gaming platform are integrated into the Metaverse world of this interesting ecosystem. The fact that players can interact with each other and explore space however they want is quite exciting. The game has never been more captivating and it seems that this period has been very fruitful. Battle Infinity is characterized as the successor to Axie Infinity, but also Decentraland and Sandbox. It is fully KYC on Coinsniper, which is a form of collateral for all future investors. Battle Infinity’s native coin is called $IBAT, and thanks to its usefulness, it’s quite sought after right now.
Just a few days ago the soft cap was raised, which says a lot about its potential and the popularity it enjoys among those interested in cryptocurrencies, so $IBAT is certainly a cryptocurrency seen on TikTok. Battle Infinity Tokens can be purchased on the platform directly on the exchange called Battle Swap. It is integrated into the platform and together with other elements, it makes it a very interesting coin to invest. During the pre-sale phase, there are only 28% of the coins available, and investing now can be a wise decision.
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3. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a global competition platform. Its native coin is called LBLOCK, and it is trending cryptocurrency on TikTok mainly due to entering prize contests through NFT collections. It is listed on the centralized stock exchange called Lbank. These collections are minted for each prize, and after the launch of the NFT contest, there will be plenty of prizes to look forward to. The tickets that can be purchased are only $1 and everyone who wants to buy them should know that the minimum amount when looking to buy is five. It is important to mention that anyone who owns LBLOCK with a total value of $500 is entitled to claim a free ticket before the grand prize draw.
Moreover, it is important to mention that there is an NFT draw every week that takes place on Friday, and it is a chance to get various prizes including daily rewards for every Lucky Block NFT holder. One of the great prizes is definitely getting up to $50,000 paid in LBLOCK. The winners are chosen at random, which adds to the overall impression we have of Lucky Block.
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4. DeFi Coin

When we talk about the best TikTok cryptocurrency, DeFi coin is one of the coins that should also be on our list. The value of the DeFi coin (DEFC) is on the rise, and this is one of the reasons it is gaining popularity on TikTok. DEFC is the native coin of DeFi Swap, which is a decentralized exchange. It appeared on the market in May last year and is already showing significant results. New investors like to choose it because the holders of the coin have the opportunity to enjoy a stable income. The value of the DeFi sector has been locked at $200 billion in the first three months of this year, which means there is a lot more to look forward to when it comes to both DeFi Swap and DEFC. Having that in mind means it’s no wonder DEFC is the often-seen cryptocurrency on TikTok. This is a good time to invest when the price is lower than usual.

5. Ethereum

The list of the best TikTok cryptocurrencies cannot do without Ethereum. Ethereum’s native coin is called ETH or Ether, and its value recently plummeted during the crypto crash. Most experts believe that its value will start to increase very soon, which means that it should not be ignored in any way when thinking about investments. It is so popular in part because Ethereum is a comprehensive network powered by ETH, and it is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies among crypto enthusiasts. It has been in the market since 2015, which means it is here to stay no matter what kind of changes occur in the market.
Although it has been through some pretty tough times, the utility of ETH is what sets it apart from other coins that have come and gone. There are optimistic predictions that its value will rise rapidly this year to $4,000, which may be a bit difficult to achieve, but it’s not impossible either. Taking this chance is surely worth thinking about, and that’s why it’s trending cryptocurrency on TikTok.

6. Bitcoin

One cryptocurrency that hardly needs an introduction is definitely Bitcoin. There’s no doubt that this year hasn’t been easy so far, but it’s definitely not a good idea to ignore Bitcoin when considering investing. We’ve seen all kinds of numbers when it comes to its value, and the recent hit the crypto market has taken has brought the price of Bitcoin down significantly. It’s now just over $22,000, and anyone looking to invest should do so before the price starts rising again. It seems that when Bitcoin maintains its high value, other cryptocurrencies are also stable. It’s not that strange considering Bitcoin laid the foundation for all the other cryptocurrencies we have now.

Investors with Bitcoin in their wallets certainly noticed their hearts skip a beat as the value dropped from $69,000 and fell below $20,000, but that only lasted for a short time. Optimists who always look at the glass half full immediately see it as a chance to invest more before the price goes up. This is perhaps the main reason why Bitcoin is the trending cryptocurrency on TikTok and why you should think about investing in it now.


We hope that the best TikTok cryptocurrency list will be a good guide for any investor who is unsure of the next steps regarding investments. TikTok is a really good source of information, and it can be a lot of fun, especially because users want to educate their followers and use their time wisely and pack the time with all the valuable information that can be said in a short video format. Watching TikTok videos and being entertained while learning about the crypto market and the coins you are interested in can be the best way to fill your time when you want to learn more, but you don’t want to spend too much time on it. . With the six previously mentioned cryptocurrencies on TikTok, choosing one shouldn’t be too difficult. We are sure that our guide will help you find your way more easily!

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