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Tyshchenko and Pintosevich discuss the launch of the Leadership Academy

Interview with Denys Tyshchenko and Isaac Pintosevich. In the spring of 2022, a large-scale cryptocurrency event took place – the opening of the Leadership Academy for MediaCoin. To date, many companies are connected to the cryptocurrency market and investment. How is MediaCoin different from others? Why is it interesting for bloggers and cryptocurrency, NFT and metaverse experts? How is the Leadership Academy project unique?

Let’s try to find the answers to these and other questions today. Our guests: Denys Tyshchenko — Marketing Director at MediaCoin, and Isaac Pintosevich — President of the International Professional Association of Trainers IPACT.

– Hello, dear guests! Thank you for agreeing to do an interview and give us details about MediaCoin and especially the Leadership Academy project!

Denys, tell me what MediaCoin does and what your responsibilities are within the company.

– Hello guys! The MediaCoin company popularizes cryptocurrencies, teaches people about cryptocurrencies and earns money from them, while allowing people to band together and get closer to their idols through the NFT world and the metaverse.

I’m the marketing manager and also one of the marketers in the company. I am responsible for the proper functioning of money, for its multiplication; for all marketing and promotion of the company worldwide.

— Please tell me how MediaCoin is different from other investment companies and what is special about the Leadership Academy project.

— MediaCoin stands out: above all, we are the first to connect network marketing, NFT and the metaverse. Second, we attach great importance to products. In just six months, we already have our own NFT marketplace, a regular marketplace where our users get discounts. We also have the first version of the metaverse coming out next month, where people can already use it, and very soon there will be a cryptocurrency wallet.

Also, we pay a lot of attention to training. In master classes we teach: what are cryptocurrencies, how to make money with them, what is NFT and metaverse; therefore the person who decides to work with us is conscious. And we have the incredible Leadership Academy, which Isaac Pintosevich is responsible for. Thanks to him, people who come to the platform study not only the world of cryptocurrencies, but also the world of consciousness. In addition, Sergey Sevastyan, the CEO of the company and I will launch crypto training next month, and every user will always have this training.

— Denys, how did you come up with the idea of ​​creating Leadership Academy?

— The idea of ​​creating Leadership Academy was born simply because I have been working in network marketing for over seven years. I always focus on teaching people, as I have taught over 4,000 people how to trade. I understand that the most important thing in life is to learn. If a person has knowledge and then begins to act, he will have 100% results. And above all, he will make fewer mistakes, so we follow the path of teaching people.

“Isaac, please tell me why you agreed to participate in this project and what insights you saw.

— First of all, today, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the metaverse are new and growing spheres. We must innovate. The new is where you need to be, if you want to develop and grow, you absolutely have to be with the one who is at the forefront, at the forefront. So I decided to start collaborating with MediaCoin.

Second, the most important thing in projects is the team. MediaCoin has an incredibly energetic and ambitious team of people. I always enjoy being with these people and working. It’s the key to success. The ambition and energy of the leaders, combined with the professionalism of the team to which they belong, guarantee results in the projects. They invited me, it proves not only their ambition and their energy but also their highest intelligence. They invite the best in all fields to collaborate on the project.

Third, MediaCoin is an international project that spans the globe, much like IPACT (International Professional Association of Coaches and Trainers), which I lead. We have a similar ideology: going out into the world, a world without borders. Today, cryptocurrency connects the whole world, all countries. It is the most convenient payment method. As IPACT is global, so is MediaCoin.

— Isaac, tell us about your extensive experience in the field of coaching and training.

I have been working in education since 2006. In the beginning I was a corporate trainer, I taught companies like Visa, MasterCard, Deloitte, Procter & Gamble, the biggest companies in the world, I have taught my methods, which I invented myself. After that, I created my own style of coaching called “The New Coaching Code”. I also created Isaac Pintosevich Systems, which was one of the most successful companies in the post-Soviet space, which I then sold. Over 100,000 of my students have organized IPACT. And I directed it, I am the president of this association. This non-profit organization helps trainers work with quality so that the market receives the best training services. So if you order training, training programs somewhere, see if they are IPACT accredited, it is a guarantee of quality.

I can say that, especially in the post-Soviet space, I went through all areas of education. I am a professor of leadership at Synergy Business School. I’ve written 14 books, over 1,000,000 books sold worldwide. So I have a huge experience in education, and all this experience belongs to IPACT, and the most important achievements in the world are used in the MediaCoinLeadership Academy.

— How do Leadership Academy participants benefit from your courses and training?

— We developed Leadership Academy specifically for MediaCoin. All programs are dedicated to three things: The first is goals. Great powerful leaders have big, bright, and important goals.

The second is efficiency, action to achieve these goals, including the programs “Winner of Laziness”, “Aja! Plier!” There are programs that increase self-efficacy and the person begins to act 20 times more than before. Big goal and lots of action.

The third set of programs are programs that provide leadership tools to build a team, motivate a team. The leader achieves the goal with the help of the team. Here are the benefits that Leadership Academy participants enjoy: they learn how to set goals, act 20 times harder than ordinary people to achieve their goals, and build and inspire teams that will help them achieve those wonderful goals. .

— Denys, talk about the cases, what the participants of the Leadership Academy have already achieved during the short period of the project.

— There are many cases. People who immediately understood the essence and began to learn, literally within a month, got the result x2! The most important thing is to learn and use knowledge in practice. We also help with that. There are already people who, thanks to new acquaintances, have more motivation, laziness goes away, and they already receive thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

— What other projects do you plan to implement based on MediaCoin?

— In the fall, we will have all the projects that exist in cryptocurrencies. Today, I repeat, it is a product market, where we can buy, thanks to our currency and our contacts, certain products at a reduced price. For example, we sell Apple products 15% cheaper than the market. A limited number of goods, but only for people who have our currency.

It is also an NFT marketplace where you can earn NFTs and use them in the metaverse.

These are media universes where people will dance, learn and sing, and media personalities will be involved in them, our own cryptocurrency wallet, which will be launched in late July – early August, where people can store cryptocurrencies. , transfer them, they do not need to use other services, above all, they will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies for euros inside our wallet, request our card and pay with it.

Also, in the summer we will have a launch pad, and in the fall we will have an exchange. In just one year (we have an anniversary in November), we will build all the products that exist in the cryptocurrency industry today. So we will update the products, add new things and give more and more opportunities to our participants.

— Isaac, what do you want for the reader who wants to change their life and improve their leadership skills?

If you are a leader, then you must go where the leaders gather. If you want to be a leader and achieve a goal, you need to connect with the people who achieve it. With whoever you are, with these people, you will learn. It is a very important law, which very clearly reflects the essence. If you want to be a leader and achieve big goals, go where they gather. Connect and work with the best of you at MediaCoin and Leadership Academy. Discover the best people to achieve your goals, and your goals will be achieved! This is what I wish for all readers.

— Denys Tyshchenko and Isaac Pintosevich, thank you very much for the detailed interview! We wish you success and prosperity!

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