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Harry Jowsey gives advice to TikTokers after VersusGame investment – Dexerto

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‘Too Hot to Handle’ star Harry Jowsey is giving influencers some big advice on how to stay financially strong amid his recent investment in popular app VersusGame.

Harry Jowsey is both internet superstar and reality TV idol. With over 4 million Instagram followers and over 4.8 million TikTok fans, it’s safe to say that Jowsey is a true celebrity on both fronts.

Between hitting the set and uploading his latest podcast episode, Jowsey also juggles a host of other responsibilities…including making smart investments.

Most recently, he backed VersusGame, an online platform where participants can earn money by answering questions such as yes or no, “Will the Rock and Kevin Hart make a Hollywood blockbuster movie? This year?”

dexerto instagram interview of harry jowsey

Instagram: harryjowsey

Harry Jowsey is a popular reality TV star and influencer.

We had the chance to sit down with Harry to discuss his recent money moves, as well as his financial and life advice for other stars online.

“It’s a really interesting game, to be honest,” Jowsey said of VersusGame. “He’s so easy. You’re playing against random people all over the world. There was a day when I was playing probably 7-10 games a day. It’s honestly crazy. …it’s really exciting.”

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Although the platform is growing in popularity, Harry says he ended up supporting the project because he really enjoys it, as does his entire team.

“I kind of thought, if I love something this much, I might as well support it,” he explained. “I already play it a lot, I already talk about it to my friends. I had a group of my friends sign up to play my games. It also helps your knowledge of the real world. It’s kind of like a fun way to play trivia games while winning real money.

copy of screenshot from versusgame website

VersusGame: javiluna

VersusGame is a popular growing app where users can earn money by answering 50/50 style questions – often with answers that will only be discovered in the future.

“I think he’s got a lot of legs to move, so who knows which direction it might take?” There are really exciting people who have invested in it and support it. I think it has all the potential to be huge. There are people all over the world who have invested in this business. I hope you’re fine. I have a feeling it’s going to be huge.

Harry also shared some advice for other influencers looking to invest, saying social media stars should invest their money in projects they are passionate about.

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“I think influencers need to invest in things they are passionate about and passionate about,” he added. “I will only give money to things that have passionate people behind them and people who are excited about their products.”

“For other influencers or people who just want to try and start investing in things, just find things you like and love. I hate investing in things I throw money at just to get a return on investment. I want to give money to something I’m passionate about and interested in, because I can provide a little more than just money, I can give some sort of direction or help micromanage some of the process.

Harry Jowsey Podcast Interview

YouTube: Harry Jowsey

Jowsey says his podcast, “Tap In,” is about to make a comeback.

Jowsey’s latest investment in VersusGame follows his signing from WME earlier this month. For Harry, keeping a close circle of people around him is paramount to his success – and he encourages other stars to do the same.

“You look at any great person or any great company, and they have an amazing team of people around them supporting and helping them on their mission,” he explained. “I have a lot of friends who are influencers who don’t even have a manager or have people in the space, because everyone is so scared of being used or hurt or whatever. For me, it seemed like the next best step was to go with a winning team. They knew so much about me. They just excited me to work with them. They had very good vision. I felt incredible energy and love from them right away.

“Honestly, it depends on which direction you want to go. My next goal is to become an actor and move on to the scripted side of television and try something new. For me, it made sense for me to jump in and work with an agency. For other people, maybe they’re just happy doing TikToks and whatever. It really depends. But I think any investment in itself is a smart investment.

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