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From market movements to the metaverse: Watch to watch at ICLV

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Inman Connect Las Vegas has arrived – and here’s what you can expect.

This week, some of the biggest names in residential real estate are gathered in Las Vegas to discuss and debate where real estate is going in the months ahead, be recognized for their achievements in the industry, and share ideas for the way forward. forward.

The action begins online August 2 with Inman Luxury Connect, and in-person and digital events kick off Wednesday and run through Friday. Check out some of what’s in store below. (All times are Pacific Standard).

What happens afterwards?

The last six months have seen the housing market change dramatically, with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates dramatically and mortgage rates following in turn. As a result, buyers have started to retreat and home price growth is starting to show signs of slowing.

Real Estate Technology Strategist Mike DelPrete has studied real estate trends long enough to provide the context needed to understand the past six months. Join Delprete on Wednesday at 9 a.m. as he kicks off the general session with his masterclass based on the “2022 WTF” strategy.

After DelPrete lays the groundwork for our current position, Redfin CEO Glen Kellman will join Inman Founder Brad Inman at 9:20 a.m. to discuss the evolving agent experience and the best way for officers to prepare for what’s to come.

Connect attendees will also have the chance to hear Jason and Brett Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald of The Oppenheim Group discuss how the changing market is affecting top growers like them and what advice they have for surviving it.

Wednesday August 3: “WTF 2022.” 09:00 [Streaming in General Session]

Wednesday August 3: “How to think about today’s greatest threats and opportunities.” 9:20 a.m. [Streaming in General Session]

Friday August 5: “How the Changing Market Affects the Best Agents.” 10am [Streaming in General Session]

Survive a recession

This has been the question on everyone’s lips in recent months: is the United States heading for a recession? If you’re concerned about the possibility of a recession and a market downturn, Dermot Buffini, CEO of Buffini and Company, will speak to Agent Connect on Wednesday at 2 p.m. about the best tactics for navigating an industry downturn.

On Thursday, Thad Wong of @properties and Christie’s International Real Estate and Nina Dosanjh of Vanguard Properties will also share their tips for weathering downturns or recessions, in a panel moderated by Brad Inman.

If you’re interested in the power buying space, Homelight’s Drew Uher and Knock’s Sean Black will discuss on Thursday whether a downturn could create the conditions for power buyers to thrive after years of remarkable growth in the sector.

Thursday, August 4: “What is your plan for surviving a downturn? » 9 am [Streaming in General Session]

Thursday, August 4: “Can Power Buyers Thrive in a Downturn?” 10:30 a.m.[Streaming in General Session]

Thursday, August 4: “There is a recession coming but we are not participating in it.” 2 p.m. [Streaming in General Session]

lead the change

Leadership skills are best proven when put to the test, and there is no test in the real estate industry like the choppy waters of a changing market.

For those in leadership roles preparing to lead their teams through a changing market, Anywhere COO Melissa McSherry will speak on the challenges of leadership and embracing change at 9:55 a.m. Wednesday.

Leading through potentially difficult times will also require leaders to maintain positive attitudes. 25v Alexa Tiu, Melissa Sofia of The Avenue Home Collection, and CAR’s Jennifer Branchini will discuss the importance of harmonious leadership, which is a leadership strategy that prioritizes showing up for yourself in order to show up for your team.

Additionally, d11’s Debra Trappen and speaker Sara Sutachan will open the WOMANUP! session with their insights and advice on leadership in times of change.

Wednesday August 3: “Stead around the curve. 9:55 a.m. [Streaming in General Session]

Thursday, August 4: “Leading change. 3:30 p.m. [WOMANUP!]

Thursday, August 4: “Harmonic Leadership: How to Prioritize Self-Care Every Season.” 4:05 p.m. [WOMANUP!]

The future of real estate technology

An ever-adapting industry has technological needs that are also constantly adapting, with technology playing a role in everything from financing to marketing in the modern real estate transaction, while new technologies such as crypto and the metaverse are raising big questions about the next frontier in real estate.

As the market evolves, all sectors of real estate, including Proptech, are forced to adjust and adapt. On Thursday, Adam Hopson from Flyhomes, Josh Jensen from Inspectify and Shawna Hernandez from Endpoint will discuss how technology can improve contingencies in processing real estate transactions, while Danielle Garafalo of the Metaverse Institute will discuss virtual real estate trends with Danielle Choi of M13 Ventures Management.

On Friday, the Metaverse will be tackled by Kevin Cottrell and Teresa Grobecker of Consortia, who will discuss how Blockchain and NFTs could change business decisions in the future.

Thursday, August 4: “Transaction of the future: how technology will affect the speed of the transaction. 2:20 p.m. [Streaming at Tech and Data Connect]

Thursday, August 4: “How seriously should we take virtual real estate and the metaverse?” 3:10 p.m. [Streaming at Tech and Data Connect]

Friday August 5: “It’s here now: how blockchain and NFTs will rapidly change business decisions.” 10:25 a.m. [Streaming in General Session]

Keep your marketing fresh

In a market marked by unpredictability, your social media marketing strategy matters more than ever. What worked in 2021 may not work in 2022 as buyers face a radically different housing market.

Social media expert Chelsea Peitz will speak on Thursday about the importance of updating your social media strategy for 2023, to one that showcases your humanity and helps you appear closer to new customers.

Also speaking on social media, Serhant’s Sean McPeak, as well as Action Forward’s Giselle Ugarte and Agent Glennda Baker, who will discuss how agents can create their own personal brand on social media and leverage it for new business.

Wednesday August 3: “The Rise of the Real Estate Influencer and Creator: Making an Impact Without a Reality Show.” 3:50 p.m. [Streaming in Agent Connect]

Thursday, August 4: “Staying Relevant: Why Your Social Media Plan Will Need to Change Drastically in 2023.” 2:45 p.m. [Agent Marketing Connect]

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