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IamFuture launches the exclusive Metaverse Metarollers platform for sports enthusiasts.

Amsterdam, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Metarollers is a skill and creativity based game for mobile platforms developed by IamFuture team. It is launched as a unique tribute to the Rollerskating community worldwide. The launch date of the token is 30.08.2022. The initial price of the token is 0.01 USD, at MarketCap 100,000,000.

The player skates through the cityscapes of cities around the world, enjoys the layout, avoids obstacles, collects artifacts, performs flashy and colorful tricks, and collects artifacts that can be used to obtain NFTs that can be redeemed in the whole world. The gameplay will provide vast opportunities for socializing, creativity, and additional income in an enjoyable way. The game environment provides plenty of opportunities to socialize, meet celebrities, ride tricks, have fun, interact, and do business for players.

Metarollers aims to be the 2D play-to-earn game connecting players around the world to a single ecosystem, where they can use the platform to earn a living and socialize while enjoying the game. The several global leading companies, including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are betting that a significant part of tomorrow’s world, especially entertainment and commercial activities, will be carried out in the metaverse.

Metarollers is the platform created by women and run by women. It is developed by the global digital holding company IamFuture with the idea of ​​Metaverse roller skating. It appears as an extension of this engaging activity to the digital environment. This project can present a remarkable example of the new understanding of the vision and use of urban spaces. The international IamFuture team works to create a unique urban environment that reflects the main characteristics of the main world cities: NYC, Rome, Singapore, Dubai and Monaco, at the forefront of digital culture and the development of urban spaces.

Additionally, the project reveals the new game concept “Perform2Earn”, where players are rewarded with the game tokens for performing ultimate tricks with the help of the intuitive control system with artificial intelligence invented by the programmer of the Pedro Cherubini project. Also, Metarollers users can walk on the ground without any challenges to hang out with their friends, but if they decide to perform a unique spin in the air, they will be rewarded. The unique feature is the “Boredom Bar”, the first time implemented in the e-sports game environment: it indicates the desire for adventure/training for the player, so that people need to create the opportunity to entertain their character.

Additionally, the ecosystem is powered by its Token, “FRED”: the cryptographic Token on the Metarollers app and network natively issued on Ethereum in the form of an ERC-20 Token. It enables compatibility with the vast Ethereum ecosystem and infrastructure and transfers player data effortlessly. “The Metarollers” is significantly more expansive and deep than just a game. It is a challenging and rewarding urban environment that is picturesque, sophisticated and uniquely designed. It creates innovative opportunities for businesses and brands to be represented in the cityscape as part of their Metaverse expansion strategy.

Five cities are just a starting point. The general idea is to create a universal skating environment with specific characteristics all over the world. The young and ambitious international team of experts from Brazil to Dubai is united by the idea of ​​realizing a future plan for the development of sophisticated, eco-friendly and inspirational urban spaces, has an intense anticipation of innovation and an impressive portfolio of previous work experience around the world.

” It’s incredible ; you can achieve what you want and what you like to be in today’s Web3 environment. Yesterday we couldn’t even dream of it. This provides equal opportunities for all and complete freedom,” tweets Maya Bernaia, the self-taught female entrepreneur behind the idea. A great example of freedom and creativity is Rollerouge, the project’s influencer, a professional roller skater from Canada who is famous for his brilliant shows and incredible creativity in sports and vlogging.

Metarollers also introduce a new approach to the NFT industry, bringing more solidity, equality and functionality. By starting their Rainbow Marketplace, they are encouraging players to offer various in-game items, bonuses, boosters, upgrades, avatar upgrades, and more to the market. The special thing is that users can easily create their own NFTs based on the collectibles they have chosen while playing. and offer this unique product to the global market. The encouragement for creativity and talent to emerge is enormous.

The project represents the rare independent initiative to shape the digital space and bring uniqueness and equality to the global esports community. The launch of the Token is scheduled for August 30, 2022, with the historic event in Monaco and Dubai.

About Metarollers by IamFuture

Metarollers functions as one of the powerful metaverse platforms that creates a safe and exciting space for all its users to enjoy modernized tools in blockchain technology, Metaverse, Play2Earn games, advanced DeFi platforms, socializing and all things games, events and collectibles. .

Potential users and determined crypto sports enthusiasts should visit the following links for more information or join the Metarollers community.

Website | Twitter | Telegram.


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