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Introducing Lords of The Lands: A Futuristic Metaverse Space for NFT Rentals

Lords of the Land's Land NFT


Lords of The Lands (LOL) is a utilities-focused metaverse project, earning its holders monthly rents.

LITHUANIA, June 24, 2022 / — Introducing Lords of The Lands – A futuristic metaverse space for NFT rentals


Lords of The Lands (LOL) is a utility-focused metaverse project, a new-age futuristic medieval world ruled by its neo-billionaires known as the Lords. Built on the Ethereum network, the LOL metaverse can be accessed via iOS, Android, web, and other VR apps.

The project aims to become the future of gaming, entertainment and e-commerce while generating passive income for its holders.

LOL brings its first pre-sale collection of 255 Lords and 300 Lands. The project has already started whitelisting to reserve its place on the whitelist through the Premint website (

Main characteristics

NFT Lands
Land LOL NFTs are non-transferable fungible virtual assets built on top of Ethereum smart contracts. NFT land holders can monetize these digital lands and earn monthly rents. These rentals can be claimed at 1:00 p.m. UTC on day 1 of each month. You can purchase these lands with the Ethereum token and create your own virtual world with pre-built/custom templates in the Lords of the Lands metaverse.

Land types on the LOL Metaverse:
-Prime Land NFTs – a total of 27 plots are available for presale at 0.8 ETH each and the main sale price for these is 1 ETH.
– NFT Land Platinum – 92 plots are available for presale for 0.4 ETH each and the main sale price of the land is 0.6 ETH.
-Lands NFTs – 181 plots in total available for presale for 0.2 ETH and the main sale price is 0.3 ETH.

Other than that, each Land NFT comes with hidden treasure chests depending on the “rarity” of the land. Hidden treasure chests can be platinum, gold, and silver. Treasure chests contain rare LOL NFTs such as Vaults, Lords, accessories, e-gaming pass, etc., depending on the rarity of the land.

Lords of the Lands holds NFT game tournaments twice a month. They have partnered with the biggest online gaming platform and will be hosting these tournaments on games like FreeFire, Minecraft, GTA V, PubG, etc. Participate in these gaming tournaments and win exclusive gaming NFTs, crypto, and more. Only LOL e-gaming NFT pass holders can participate in LOL gaming tournaments. Currently there are only 2000 passes. So hurry up and grab your pass for the NFT tournament. Be sure to follow their Twitter ( to stay informed.

Lords NFT
The Lords are the richest virtual avatars and billionaires of medieval times who are dressed as neo-aged meta-owners. Lords have unique attributes or rarities like rental bonuses, superpowers, clothes, gadgets, and accessories. You can hit these Lord NFTs and earn bonuses which can increase your rental income. The power of reinforcement depends on the rarity of the Lord struck. Rentals are boosted on the 1st of each month at 1pm UTC. There are 255 Lords NFT. These lords also have the privilege of exploring the hidden parts of the Lords of the Lands metaverse and earning NFTs.

How to win in the LOL metaverse?

– Own LOL land and earn monthly rent
– Win by participating in LOL online game tournaments
-Win hidden treasure chests and get NFTs like online game tournament passes, rare land NFTs and game accessories like swords and gadgets etc.
-Be part of the Meta Realtor program and become a Meta Realtor. Earn 10% of your referred land sales as a commission
– Showcase your NFTs in the LOL Museum; buy and sell NFTs, and participate in NFT auctions.
-Discord community members can win online gaming tournament passes and rare LOL NFTs by participating in daily/weekly LOL Discord contests.

LOL attractions

-Get free and paid access to virtual music festivals featuring top artists. New talents also have the opportunity to present themselves in front of a large audience
-Compete in online game tournaments and win sports accessories like gadgets, lord swords, safes, etc.
-Discover hidden treasure hunts and get NFTs directly transferred to your LOL dashboard
-Enjoy a virtual shopping experience in the Lords of the Lands metaverse
– A real sports experience in virtual stadiums and a chance to meet sports stars
-Stay up to date with their Twitter ( channel to discover the attractions of the metaverse LOL

Final Thoughts

According to many industry experts, in the list of recently launched metaverse projects, “Lords of the Lands” has major potential to become the “Next Blue-chip”.
To enter the LOL Whitelist Sweepstakes, click here (


Premint registrations:

The LOL Team
Land Lords

Discover the Lords of the Lands metaverse

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