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Rapidly Growing Global Sneaker Platform The Edit LDN Enters The Metaverse With Bloktopia

The Edit LDN has grown 525% every year since 2020 and is on track to generate further growth of 500% over the next 12 months, making it the UK’s leading sneaker destination for serve a global audience.

London, UK –News Direct– The Edit LDN

The premium global marketplace for sneakers, The Edit LDN is stepping into the metaverse by creating a premium store within the crypto haven of Bloktopia. London-based founder Moses Rashid joined the brand at Harrods in October 2021, but is now taking the sneaker community to the next stage of its luxury shopping journey by setting up shop virtually.

Open: the Edit LDN metaverse storefront

Open: the Edit LDN metaverse storefront

“We are clearly seeing a trend that luxury brands need a Web3 strategy, and for us it seems like a natural fit. to NFTs and increasingly wants to reach the product in different ways. Our partnership with Bloktopia is our first big step towards executing our vision to be the most innovative player in the market,” said Moses Rashid, founder of The Edit LDN.

Moses launched the business in January 2020 and has scaled the business to new heights with 525% growth from Y1 to Y2 and on track to deliver another 500% growth in Y3, making The Edit LDN the UK’s premier sneaker destination to serve a world of spectators.

Inside the Metaverse Shop

Inside the Metaverse Shop

Streetwear retailers have launched in recent years more and more limited editions of some of their products, sneakers, but also other clothes. Several designer brands have followed suit. This spawned big business in the resale market, with buyers snapping up in-demand products and reselling them for a profit. Despite the higher price, consumers are falling over themselves to be the first to own the hottest drops. The Edit LDN has deep-rooted relationships in this market to deliver the most limited and exclusive items to their customers at lightning speed, as well as business partnerships with Harrods & Threads Styling is like shopping in any other store except top quality customer service.

For those who have slept on the web3, the Metaverse is the bridge between the physical and virtual worlds within the decentralized and open source virtual world. Cryptographic protocols will emerge to manage digital value, for example, digital art, real estate and advertising space. The enablers that will make this possible will be NFTs on the Blockchain enabling affordable and fast transactions.

Interior view: Inside the Edit LDN store

Interior view: Inside the Edit LDN store

Bloktopia, is a VR skyscraper consisting of 21 levels to pay recognition at 21 million Bitcoin. It contains everything anyone will need to know about the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, blockchains, and NFTs. Built in the Unity game engine on Web3 technology, the Bloktopia metaverse is the next iteration of the internet, allowing users to achieve anything that can be done in the real world. It is focused on social connection, but without the limitations of geographical location. Its visitors will learn about cryptography from trusted sources such as the Center for Blockchain Technologies at University College London. They will be able to earn cryptocurrency, play games, socialize with friends, be creative, and buy the things they desire.

Bloktopia launched its $BLOK token in late 2021 and took the crypto industry by storm, claiming the most successful launch of the year – returning over 1000x for early investors. And with an organic following in the millions, when the Metaverse goes live, expected later this year, it will become a go-to entertainment destination for many.

Ross Tavakoli, CEO of Blocktopia, said: “As a huge sneakerhead myself, we are really delighted to be able to partner with the number 1 sneaker destination in the UK, Edit LDN. Fortnite earns $2 million a day from in-app purchases such as skins (digital clothing) for avatars. Bloktopia will offer a different and interoperable option. Allowing the purchase of digital clothing, in this case sneakers, via an NFT feature, which means that they will not be limited to our metaverse and can be worn across hundreds of games and other metaverses. This makes the fashion industry and the metaverse so well suited, as it creates a whole new revenue stream for our partners like Edit LDN. The customer can also receive the sneakers physically.

The mesh of these two worlds goes hand in hand – consumers are just as likely to buy the hottest clothes for their avatar as they are themselves. It’s also about two companies, passionate about what they do – Rashid being a sneaker collector himself and Tavakoli embracing the space as early as 2015, both entities are disruptors in their own space and early adopters of the web3 and NFTs will soon jump on them.

The possibilities of this partnership are endless, as the metaverse changes and evolves, just like the world of sneakers. Bloktopians will be able to purchase an ‘Edit LDN’ NFT sneaker for their avatar and then receive a sneaker in hand for themselves.

It’s yet another step in Moses Rashid’s plan for The Edit to become “the Amazon of the sneaker world”, having launched The Edit’s same-day service as a first resale. Moses Rashid added: “We live in the Amazon era of Now, so we’ve focused our business on ensuring the supply chain works fast and scales globally. This is a real game-changer for a market that traditionally took 2-4 weeks for product to arrive. Going forward, we see customers interacting with the shopping experience in different and engaging ways. With this in mind, The Edit LDN will be the bridge between the physical and virtual worlds, through Sneakers »


Founded in 2020, The EDIT LDN has quickly become a global authority on the premium sneaker and streetwear market, launching its global marketplace digitally connecting sneaker investors and owners with actively engaged buyers – a gender-neutral audience and international.

With partnerships such as Harrods, Galleries Lafayette and Threads Styling – The Edit LDN has a large clientele including international celebrities including music stars, footballers all the way to the NFL.

Brands include: Jordan, Yeezy, Louis Vuitton, Fear of God, Dior, among others. The platform is quickly becoming synonymous with speed of service, authenticity, a diverse selection of secure payment methods, and first-class customer service. THE EDIT LDN is an incredibly fast growing UK company with a huge US focus. For more information visit:

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