‘People are so hateful’ – Why Michael Owen’s NFT launch caused such a bitter reaction | Goal.com

Andy Green and Jack Krosinski, co-founders of Oceidon, were aware of the public’s bitterness towards non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as they prepared for the announcement of the digital collectible of ex-England star Michael Owen this week.

Still, they hoped the project could avoid backfire if pitched properly.

However, as Owen tweet monday claiming his NFTs would be “the first that can’t lose their original value” received heavy criticism, it quickly became clear that their positivity was misplaced – and they’ve now suggested that Owen and his marketing team should have made a better job conveying basic details.

“[The tweet] maybe should have been worded a little differently,” Green said. GOAL.

“As it concerns [Owen] and Oceidon are involved, we are technically only its technology provider. He came to us with an idea, we developed this idea.

“We found a way to encapsulate his legacy and his career in this new technology that’s out there.

β€œWe are not responsible for pushing this out there. It’s his side. Β»

NFTs are unique digital assets tracked on a blockchain to prove their unique authenticity and, in Owen’s case, they will come in the form of videos of him recalling specific career goals, while giving initial buyers real -world benefits such as engraved watches and potential encounters with the former player.