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If NFTs are your thing, then the recent release of Celebrity Poker Heroes from the WPT Global Online poker room will have you chomping at the bit – Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Maria Konnikova and legendary DJ Steve Aoki among the NFT avatars up for grabs.

Plus, there’ll be a #VegasBattleRoyale competition that could see you have an unforgettable night at Omnia Las Vegas Nightclub — a $15,000 package that includes a meet and greet with Steve Aoki himself.

The World Poker Tour has partnered with California-based iGaming x Blockchain studio GAMAVRS to add an NFT element to their Global Online arcade.

This week, superstar DJ Steve Aoki, best-selling author Maria Konnikova, poker legend Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, and Poker Hall of Famer Phil Ivey all came out as cartoon characters.

Other famous names to be revealed include: Patrik Antonius, Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, Brad Owen, Joseph Cheong, Johnny “Vibes” Moreno, Lynn Gilmartin, Maria Ho, Vince Van Patten, Matt Savage, Joe “Daddy” Stevenson, and Adam Owen.

Celebrities are just a small – but very important – part of the Poker Heroes collection, which features 9,999 unique 3D avatars created on the Polygon blockchain.

“Our poker-themed NFTs are really access NFTs, so we will initially launch with 9,999 avatars for poker enthusiasts around the world and grow based on user demand. a question of rarity for us, but rather of access for the holders,” said Moradpour.

Owning one of these allows you to use benefits through the WPT Global Online collaboration, such as invitations to $100,000 free rolls, skipping waitlists to play with celebrities, and access to WPT VIP live events.

How will you know if you are facing reality when you play online? It’s simple, says Meysam Moradpour, general manager of the innovation lab at A5 Labs, the parent company of Gamavrs.

“Players will know immediately if they’re playing against the real Steve Aoki, based on his NFT profile, which is a different shape and size from common profiles on the WPT Global platform.”

The 9,999 avatars – rendered by combining over 100 unique poker-themed traits and accessories – are divided into three rarity groups:

  • Humans (60% of total supply)
  • Cyborgs (30% of total supply)
  • Gods (10% of total supply)

Each level comes with its own built-in poker superpower perks:


  • $100,000 Freeroll Tournaments
  • sponsored seats in Millionaire Maker events on WPT Global
  • access to a private poker discord channel.

Cyborg :

  • as above, plus access to exclusive celebrity poker tables.


  • everything Cyborgs receive, plus access to live World Poker Tour VIP events.

#Vegas Battle Royale!

To coincide with the release of the Celebrity Poker Heroes avatar NFTs, GAMAVRS is launching a week-long #VegasBattleRoyal contest – featuring iconic DJ Steve Aoki and famed Las Vegas nightclub “Omnia”.

This week, NFT holders must collect as many points as possible for the chance to meet Steve Aoki and have an unforgettable night at Omnia Las Vegas.

The package, worth more than $15,000, includes:

  • One night at Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas with up to 5 friends.
  • Meet and greet with Steve Aoki
  • Omnia Las Vegas bottle service (up to 6 people, total value $10,000)
  • Travel expenses (flights and hotel, total value of $5,000

To try your luck, here are the rules of the game!

Vegas Battle Royale point multipliers:

Existing NFT holders:

  • Each NFT holder starts with a balance of 200 points per Poker Hero NFT they own.

Participation in social networks:

  • 5 points each for following @gamavrs on Twitter, Instagram or Discord.
  • 5 points each for tagging friends on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.
  • 10 points each for tagging @gamavrs on Twitter, Instagram or Discord and tagging “Join the #VegasBattleRoyale”.
  • 20 points each if their friends share their “Join the #VegasBattleRoyale” posts on Twitter, Instagram or Discord.

New NFT Buyers:

  • 200 points per avatar by creating a Poker Hero NFT to a maximum of three per wallet during the next pre-currency on Thursday, May 12, for 0.05 Ether (ETH) at gamavrs.com.
  • 400 points per avatar by purchasing a Poker Hero NFT on OpenSea.

After five days, Gamavrs will collect points from all participants and draw one lucky winner. The more points collected in the Vegas Battle Royale contest, the higher the chances of winning the contest in the weighted draw.

Example: someone with 1000 points has a 10% chance of winning against someone with 100 points who has a 1% chance.

About the contest, Meysam Moradpour said, “Gamavrs is an iGaming blockchain studio, so we wanted to run a contest that was fun, fun and fair. Each Vegas Battle Royale mission provides a different number of points for players and the more points you can collect, the higher your chances of winning the grand prize.

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