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EXCLUSIVE: Rare Building Custom Decentralized NFT Marketplace For Pixel Vault

For about two years, OpenSea has been the dominant NFT market. In many ways, the OpenSea experience lives up to its name: large, unmissable and uniform in appearance, with page after page of colorful images floating like so much debris on a sea of ​​digital property.

Rare ARRI/USD does not have the market dominance of OpenSea, but it is an innovator among markets. Since launching its open protocol in 2021, Rarible has focused less on being a one-stop destination for buying NFT and more on being the way to help people around the world better fabricate and process NFTs.

In an exclusive with Benzinga, Rarible announced on Friday that it will soon be launching a new custom marketplace for Pixel Vault, a Web3 development platform that has produced popular NFT lines and related IPs for properties including PUNKS Comics and Metaheroes. .

The Pixel Vault market will serve as a home for its properties. It will provide a personalized user experience that supports the value of its PUNKS Comics and Metahero brands, aggregates all valid listings, and offers reduced transaction fees.

We spoke to the co-founder and chief product officer of Rare Alex Salnikov and David LitskCommunications Manager at Pixel Vault, on the upcoming new marketplace and creating personalized, community-driven NFT shopping experiences.

Image: Used with permission from PUNKS Comics Issue 3. This is the moment when PUNKS crosses paths with the Metahero universe.

BZ: What is Rarible’s goal here in working with Pixel Vault?

“We are very impressed with the innovative spirit of the Pixel Vault team. Creative companies like Pixel Vault are moving into multimedia businesses, like

Walt Disney Co. SAY of the digital world. It’s weird if you’re a big company, which has created tons of intellectual property, and you’re sending buyers to a centralized marketplace controlled from one office,” Salnikov said.

“Rarible offers an open-source, decentralized protocol. We have a vision of all major IP companies having their own marketplaces, built on top of the protocol, so they control the experience. The marketplace is available on their own website, in their own domain, with their own branding, on the infrastructure that is decentralized and that they have an interest in. That’s why we approached Pixel Vault. We also grant them rights to governance for the protocol on which it is built, to make it a true piece of sharable infrastructure.

What has been the trajectory of Pixel Vault since its launch in May 2022?

“Pixel Vault aims to be the world’s first multi-franchise Web3 beta development platform. The best way to explain what our ecosystem looks like today is that there are two distinct IP pillars. We have PUNKS Comics, which was born out of a desire to bring NFT Entities to life – and it started with the 16 CryptoPunks that were revamped by Chris Wahl. And that’s what created the 16 Punx characters. Then, with the expansion of the Metahero universe, it is finally a decentralized, community-driven social gaming platform. And there are several rooms. Metahero has both the main and generative identities, which are PFPs, which will also be usable in the upcoming game experience. The planets represent nine planets and a moon where the Metahero characters exist. And each token represents a vote for planetary governance in a soon-to-be-launched social gaming platform. So that’s the updated platform. We hope to see that launch in the next few weeks,” Litsky said.

Why aren’t more great NFT creators using custom marketplaces?

“There are a lot of eyeballs watching the big marketplaces, and if you get traded there, there’s a chance someone else will find your collection. That way your listings have a better chance of being sold. And when you buy, you are more likely to buy something at a lower price.

“We provide the ability for projects to create their own marketplaces that aggregate listings from everywhere. So when users go to the project’s website, they’ll find all of their assets, including those listed on other marketplaces. If you go to the Pixel Vault site, you’ll see everything for sale on OpenSea and everything for sale on Rarible,” Salnikov said.

What makes Pixel Vault a good partner for this custom market?

“They’re part of the core collections that actually have a big need for a custom marketplace because they have so many collections, split by sub-collections, comics, one type of asset and another type. There’s no There is no specific section on the OpenSea website that you click to see all Pixel Vault collections. Because Pixel Vault is very innovative, they need their own custom solution that reflects all their strengths,” Salnikov said.

Has Pixel Vault always viewed itself as an intellectual property holder first and foremost?

“Yeah, that’s how it’s always been visualized. Many projects that have sprung up over the past year have started with a profile picture or a comic, but that’s always been the way” , Litsky said.

What were the benefits of working with Rarible to create your custom marketplace?

“One of the benefits of working with Rarible is that it allows for heavy customization. I don’t know if there are any other products that can handle the heavy customization that Pixel Vault needed to create the right experience for its collectors. . .

“The Pixel Vault ecosystem is complex. And having a custom community marketplace will allow us to choose how we show our different collections to our collectors to make it easier for them to find exactly what they’re looking for. Without having a custom marketplace, it’s very difficult to manage this with the standalone solutions that currently exist.As a media and IP company, we tell stories, and there will be other stories to tell in addition to what we are currently focused on as we look to the future,” Litsky said.

What should people be excited about now that 2022 has taken some of the creeping excitement out of the NFT market?

“They should be excited about all the new technologies that are being built. There’s a marriage happening between multiple blockchains. So there’s actually a lot of shuffling going on behind the scenes. In a year, we will suddenly have areas growing as if out of nowhere bringing new innovation and people who stick around during the bear market and listen carefully to what is happening will be rewarded for buying undervalued assets that are sustainable in the long run said Salnikov.

Have you seen any changes in buyer behavior during the crisis?

“We can see many retail buyers leaving for safer assets. But I can definitely spot the trend from professional traders. Hedge funds that have traded cryptos, stocks and bonds are now starting to grow for teams that will trade NFTs. This is a good thing because “The market will become much more liquid. And retail investors and buyers are going to have to compete with that. This means that it will be much more difficult to make money from the market because professionals will certainly take part of the margin for themselves,” Salnikov said.

Any advice for true believers in the NFT space?

“Recently, I spoke to a founding colleague, and he told me about an adventure park in Dubai where each attraction has a note on how best to experience it. And that was saying something. as, “[keep your] knock and sit well. “So that would be my advice to all true believers,” Salnikov said.

The last word

Rarible isn’t the first marketplace we’ve talked to that’s growing via smaller niche marketplaces. A few months ago we wrote about > SuperRare Spaces, which have many of the same intentions.

While SuperRare has developed markets that serve specific interests, such as poetry and female artists, Rarible focuses on the needs of established and time-tested NFT collections with complex intellectual property to manage.

Rarible has potentially the simplest case for the need for a personalized marketplace – helping creators who otherwise struggle to present their multi-story multimedia universe as a single, cohesive experience.

And while other markets use the star power of notable people and media outside of the NFT space to grab attention, Rarible can rely on the popularity of the project itself to grab attention in new markets. personalized.

Examples of other custom marketplaces that have already launched on the Rarible protocol all serve established, multifaceted NFT and IP projects, including MFers, Degenerate Ape Academy, and Rektguy.

The Pixel Vault Marketplace will include the following collections: PUNKS Comic 1, 2 and 3, Origin Stories, Metahero Universe: Core Identities, Metahero Universe: Generative Identities, Metahero Universe: United Planets, Metahero Universe: Gear Pods, Metahero: MintPass 1, Metahero : MintPass 2, Pixel Vault Founder’s DAO, PV IRL, Elite Ape Coins, Elite Apes – Apes Out on the Town, Ape Madness, Heroes Follow Heroes and Bloot Comic.

Pixel Vault is not ready to share many details about its game development schedule. Still, they’ve previously shared that they’re looking for some type of Alpha or Beta test “toward the end of the year.”

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