Kanpai Pandas: Bringing Luxury Experiences to the NFT Space

Kanpai means “Cheers” in Japanese and reflects the lighthearted jovial nature that the project and the community represent. The primary goal of Kanpai Pandas is to bring REAL utility to its holders by creating a strong brand that is built around amazing real-world experiences and building communities.

Kanpai Pandas is not just an NFT collection incorporating innovative blockchain technology. Holding a Kanpai Panda gives you a pass in an exclusive club that offers access to high-end events such as private parties, sporting events, concerts and other popular entertainment events. Kanpai Pandas builds a family of like-minded people across the world, creating a network effect where holders can build, collaborate, and learn together in the journey of NFT history. Kanpai Pandas believes in building a long-term sustainable foundation by providing real public services and on-chain innovations.

So what’s under the hood?

Kanpai Labs, the creator of Kanpai Pandas, built and published the project on LayerZero Labs technology. LayerZero Labs is an Omnichain interoperability protocol designed for passing messages across chains, providing authentic delivery. Layer Zero has been funded by FTX, Binance Labs, Spartan, DeFi Capital, and various other strategic investment groups. Information about the Layer Zero protocol can be found in the FAQ section of their website: https://layerzero.gitbook.io/docs/faq/faq-1.

Kanpai Pandas has sought to distinguish itself in the NFT space by offering an art collection incorporating state-of-the-art interoperable blockchain technology. Powered by LayerZero Labs technology, Kanpai Panda’s smart contracts have become the new omnichain “gold standard”.

The creator of Kanpai Labs, @DaRealMilkBagz, has assembled a team of experts to provide utility to Kanpai Panda holders. Ahead of the mint, @DaRealMilkBagz announced three exclusive confirmed events for Kanpai Pandas to attend, details of which will be explained in more detail in future Medium posts, but have already been announced on our Twitter (@KanpaiPandas). Kanpai Labs has been determined to make Kanpai Pandas a lifestyle brand that offers many benefits: exclusive social events, collectibles, comic series and chain game theory (details on these benefits will be described in more detail in future Medium articles). Kanpai Labs’ roadmap can be seen on its vision map.

Now for the fun part

Kanpai Panda VIP passes give holders exclusive rights to events and parties. Each VIP pass can only be used for one event/party and can be traded on the secondary market. As more events occur, VIP passes will be airdropped to Kanpai Panda holders. The Kanpai Panda family aims to ensure users get the most out of their investment. As a VIP pass holder, you get the best services KP can provide. The Kanpai Panda family will cover many areas of entertainment, from small, more exclusive personal venues to larger ones that will be open to all KP holders.

For example:

  • Exclusive Crypto Bahamas Party at Nassau
  • EDC Las Vegas
  • 10,000 people Pandafest 2022
  • Imagine Dragons Box Tickets
  • Raiders Box Seats
  • And many other world events in progress planning

Kanpai Pandas core team and advisors are experts in the real world and the crypto space. DaRealMilkBagz, the leader of Kanpai Pandas, has built and sold dozens of businesses, Creative Director SaidSeven has over 15 years of experience at a major agency creating campaigns and brands for Alienware, BMW and others. Rounding out this dream team, Kanpai Pandas Advisors consist of some of the world’s leading event organizers with decades of experience.

Kanpai Pandas Advisors are the best at creating and planning events, Kanpai Panda holders reap the benefits of their expertise, including Mikey, Event Manager and Coordinator at the DayLIGHT Club in Vegas, and Travis, Director of Development customer at MGM International.

Instead of offering a roadmap with soft dates and false promises often seen with other projects, Kanpai Pandas follows a vision map. Decisions made for the project will be determined by what is best for all KP holders, ensuring that the KP family works together to create the best possible environment in the future.

Kanpai Pandas is relentless in building one of the first omnichain projects that ever existed. By forming a team of experts who can provide utility to Kanpai Panda holders and incorporating chain game theory into the Kanpai Pandas NFT collection, Kanpai Pandas is on its way to becoming one of the most premium NFT projects in the world. moment.


LIVE CURRENCY at https://kanpaipandas.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KanpaiPandas

Discord: https://discord.gg/kanpaipandas

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/kanpai-pandas

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