NFT Design Works: A new creative agency in the NFT space

With the emergence of blockchain technology and the growing popularity of cryptocurrency in recent years, the digital asset ecosystem has redefined the dynamic notion of trading, buying and reselling art.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become a hot topic, ushering in a new era of web and internet evolution. As the NFT revolution continues, utility has become the primary motivation for NFT enthusiasts. From staking and the possibility of redemption to ticketing, buyers are increasingly motivated by the additional value propositions of NFT collections.

NFT Design Works is a creator and curator of digital collectibles, striving to produce unique NFTs of inimitable utility paired with exquisite value, which pique the interest of enthusiasts around the world.

What is NFT Design Works?

NFT design work strives to find solutions that allow artists, athletes and rights holders to imagine, create, promote and exchange NFTs. Co-founded by veteran cricketer, Daniel Vettori, the agency walk with artists, musicians, athletes and sports organizations to produce unique NFTs that resonate with their client communities and fans.

The platform also manages image rights issues in connection with the NFTs produced. They work tirelessly to develop and implement sales and marketing strategies for NFTs to make them more accessible to the masses, thereby expanding the horizon of NFT markets.

From providing payment solutions to artists and athletes in crypto or the currency of their choice, to auditing and offsetting energy consumption when minting NFTs, the platform aims to facilitate the production process. and trading NFTs.

The NFT GOAT & NFT TopDogs Collection

The agency is building a global sports community across the PFP space by connecting sports fans through its founders’ network and collaborating with leading athletes and organizations from different spheres of sport. The community will benefit from the “hive spirit” or the “wisdom of the crowds” which will improve the knowledge of the members and their global network, as well as prizes: tickets, meetings, parties and encounters with their heroes. Holders of Top Dog & GOATs will also get exclusive early access to future modern sports star NFT drops scheduled for the next year.

The launch of the NFT GOAT and NFT TopDogs collections will propel the convergence of the NFT art and sports collections. Users can collect and swap the biggest and most iconic sports personalities and the community can debate the merits of Top Dogs & GOATs. in each sport class.

the Best Dogs & GOATs Grand Prix Riders will fall in early May to celebrate the Miami F1 and the Top Dogs & Goats Cricket will be launched at the end of May for the Indian Premier League final. This should be welcomed by cricket fans due to Daniel Vettori’s acclaim in the sport. Top Dogs & Goats Soccer should also be launched at the end of the month in time for the Champions League final in Paris. NFTs from other sports are set to launch at different times of the year, giving sports fans around the world an exclusive opportunity to collect an NFT depicting their favorite sportsman.

Others products

NFT time: A patented process that grants athletes autonomy and agency over their name and the sporting moment for which they are most famous.

Heartbeat NFT: The platform offers a opportunity own the heartbeat of your favorite superstar, taken from a pivotal moment in his career.

Users can also hit their own heartbeat taken during a unique moment in their life. Moments like a baby’s first heartbeat, a marriage proposal or the end of a marathon.

NFT Selfies: A user-generated, non-fungible token that offers a unique, personalized collectible that memorializes a special occasion. Users can own it to remember the greatest success they had in a game.

NFT artistic projects: An ongoing series of collaborations with artists and organizations who share the vision of creating projects that sit at the intersection of art, technology and community.

Partnerships & collaborations

NFT Design Works has partnered with World Triathlon to strengthen the engagement of the triathlon community in digital realms. The partnership will bring triathlon fans have the opportunity to own and trade exclusive and unique digital moments in the sport for the first time, in the form of official non-fungible tokens. They also have a number of individual athletes on their books, including former international cricketers, All Blacks and Olympic champions.

The agency has also partnered with JustCarbon, a revolutionary blockchain carbon market to ensure that their NFT clients have access to a transparent, efficient and responsible nature-based carbon market to provide offsets for their NFT projects. JustCarbon’s soundly designed, measured and nature-based projects will enable NFT Design Works to strive to be carbon neutral.

They also received a Tech scholarship of the Certified Carbon Neutral NEAR protocol. Cricket legend and co-founder of Businesssays Daniel Vettori “We are thrilled to have the Just Carbon & NEAR Protocol as our partners. Our customers have actually demanded it, we want to challenge the narrative that Crypto has to be bad for the environment.

Last word

Nick McFarlane, graphic agitator and world renowned artist for The Prodigy is the platform’s creative director who helps the platform add exquisite detail to the craftsmanship involved in minting their NFTs. The platform is also about to launch a digital art contest in partnership with Mintbase, NEAR & GorillaShop.

NFT Design Works is a unique initiative that aims to link sport and art communities through NFTs. One where its members benefit from the “hive spirit” within this community, while also rewarding members through prizes, encounters and greetings with their heroes, parties, and exciting future drops. With a number of different projects underway, the platform creates exciting activity for those looking to gain utility as well as viewing pleasure from digital artworks and collectibles.

To know more about NFT Design Works, visit their official site and discover the platform’s PFP collectibles by following them on Twitter.

Disclaimer: This is a paid publication and should not be viewed as news/advice.

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