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NFT Weekly: Miami, Tiffany’s Push Past Artwork

Miami crypto-enthusiast Mayor Francis Suarez has announced what promises to be (or at least he hopes to be) a fairly high-profile non-fungible token (NFT) project. With 5,000 NFTs designed by 56 local artists — the city has plenty of them in its 56 square miles — the project aims to keep the city “at the forefront of the Web3 revolution,” he said July 28. .

If it looks like the trend of NFT adoption presented as a Web3 strategy is in good shape, you’re probably right.

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Buyers will get more than just the digital artwork. The tokens will grant special access to Mastercard’s Priceless Miami program, such as “one-of-a-kind events at local Miami restaurants to unforgettable, curated private tours of Miami’s cultural institutions.”

Ethereum-minted NFTs will launch in December after blockchain #2 merges with its more environmentally friendly Ethereum 2.0 proof-of-stake, and they have many backers: Time, which recently “evolved” into the “Web3 space” according to its president, Keith Grossman; and Salesforce, which will manufacture and sell them through its new NFT Cloud, are involved in the pilot.

My Huckleberry CryptoPunk

Tiffany & Co. jumped into the NFT market with NFTiffs, a collection of digital artwork and real-life jewelry inspired by seminal 8-bit CryptoPunks.

While anyone can buy an NFTiff — for 30 ETH, around $50,000 so far — people who own CryptoPunk NFTs can trade them in for a personalized gold, lacquer, and gemstone pendant.

CryptoPunk’s trading volume on the NFT OpenSea marketplace jumped nearly 1,850% on Monday (August 1), when the announcement was made, according to Cointelegraph.

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With a limited run of 250 and 10,000 CryptoPunks, it looks like there may be a substantial secondary market of people betting that an owner of one of the true CryptoPunk NFTs, which starts above $100,000 and s sold for up to $3.3 million. as recently as last month, will be ready to shell out even more cash for a piece of jewelry in one of Tiffany’s famous blue boxes.

That said, there is a presale whitelist, so even if you’re willing to shell out $50,000, you might not be able to get your hands on it.

Amex talks about Turkey

As part of an $8 million seed round, green NFT platform focused on musicians and athletes OneOf is providing American Express – an investor – with a collection of tokens from renowned Turkish artist Selay Karasu for participants at a pop-up event for card members: the American Express Summer in Color Oasis, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey.

Burn baby burn

Damien Hirst, the ’90s enfant terrible’ known for his floating sharks and other animals in formaldehyde, is about to follow through on his promise to burn thousands of his dot paintings that were sold in 2021, the buyer can choose either the physical art or a digital NFT representation, the other version being engraved. Just under half of buyers – 4,851 – opted for NFTs, so paintings will go up in smoke.

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Muse ‘Will’ NFT

Muse’s ninth studio album, “Will of the People,” is set to be sold as NFT on Serenade, an eco-friendly music-focused NFT platform, Decrypt reported. The band, which won Grammys for Best Rock Album in 2011 and 2016, will also release their Warner Records album on August 26 in a variety of other formats. It’s not the first release of an album on NFT, but if it proves successful, it could expand the use of NFT as a music media format.

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