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P01NT, an NFT utility, organizes the world in a DAO way

Although people have developed various features for NFTs today, most NFT collectors are inclined to use NFTs as a “social networking tool”, an innovative way to meet new friends. When people have granted a wish to showcase collections in the private realm, they will gradually have a desire to show their collections to a wider audience. So our new design from can provide the perfect solution.

Each P01NT NFT corresponds to a display block space, when users acquire the P01NT NFTs, holders can find a booth on to exhibit the NFT from their wallet of their choice. P01NT holders can divide their interactive and combinatorial NFT artwork into three dimensions: point, line and plane. The curatorial process will not only be presented online, but each digital modification will also be mapped, recorded and shown at the offline exhibition.

To introduce the rules of the “game”, first and foremost, users can easily add and expose any type of NFT in the “P01NT”. The second dimension is formed by individual “dots” grouped into “rows” of “dots”, where each user is a key participant and can impact the layout of the exhibition, either as an individual curator or by creating jointly the space with others. . The last dimension takes “lines” and creates a “plane” where triangles, circles, squares and rectangles take shape and become the final supports of the user’s artwork. In other words, P01NT can not only serve as a canvas to display NFTs, but also integrate the rarity characteristics and highlight the combinatorial characteristics of their NFTs.

To be more specific about the alignment design, if the booth is part of the “plane” series, users can form a 2×2 or even larger booth in the whole exhibition. As each collector chooses the placement of their own NFT, they also create a new curatorial experience by merging their work with that of others. It will be possible to see a BAYC on display next to an unknown sketch, or someone else can buy the booth space around BAYCbuilding a frame aroundof them. This two-dimensional plane becomes an interactive bridge between one and the other collector, without knowing each other or communicating with each other in the real world, they can convey interests and share ideas with people from any part of the world on P01NT.

In this current era of the creator economy, the emergence of P01NT has broken down traditional barriers between artists, collectors, curators and patrons. It’s much simpler to become a creator to showcase NFT artwork to the world, a curator to find undiscovered “treasures”, or even a patron and leave the mark and influence of digital identity across the world.

P01NT’s collective curation concept offers all ordinary users the opportunity to participate in artistic creation. Additionally, P01NT becomes the role of the user’s pass to take their first step into BCA’s metaverse.

P01NT Rights and interests

Bitcoin 2022 MIAMI shutdown This was the first time that P01NT supported a mission to bring the wishes of the holders of these NFTs to “Say Hi” to the public, it marked the beginning of the world tour of “P01NT”. P01NT’s mission lives up to its name, making it a point of honor to endow each NFT holder with the privileges of hosting their own art exhibition. With the step of a simple wallet login, anyone can bring their Works NFT at every point on the globe where “P01NT” exists.

P01NT will continue to encourage the emergence of new types of NFT exhibitions and interact with new pass holders to stimulate the growth of DAU, through the “show-to-earn” logic. For example, the participation of artists and holders in the curatorial interest.

BCA will be dedicated to building and empowering the P01NT community continuously. The P01NT Blue Chip community will not only be able to participate in collective curation with young emerging artists, BCA Gallery Shanghai will host several offline flash fairs to meet the needs of holders.

Curate NFTs in a DAO way

There are more and more exciting new projects based on the idea of ​​DAOs. Although NFTs have always been linked, the full potential of the social attributes that NFTs carry have yet to be fully discovered or recognized, especially at the level of NFT applications. The P01NT project combined the democratic and egalitarian form of DAO with NFT art, allowing all users to take part in the art-making process.

The original root of P01NT started with the concept of the DAO and continued to experiment through various NFT arts. From a curatorial perspective, it allows casual users to become more creative and gives all pass holders the opportunity to participate in the creative process. All P01NT holders serve as governors of the nodes in the chain, their participation in curation mirrors the decision-making process and ecological creation of DAO. Every movement will be recorded on the blockchain, and all the dynamics will be reflected on this “unified canvas” as an integrity to light the stand in every P01NT global journey and throughout the crypto universe.

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