Israel to hold its first NFT auction as local artists embrace new technologies

To read more articles from the media line, click here. The first auction of NFT works in Israel will take place this month, as many artists and collectors embrace the emerging technology. The May 30 auction, organized by Herzliya-based auction house Tiroche, is dedicated to contemporary art and will be held in collaboration with prominent … Read more

Data Vault Holdings to Launch NFT Marketplace and Trade with Music Provider Stemit, Revolutionizing Monetization Opportunities for Independent Artists and Labels

New Partnership Delivers Data-Driven Revenue Streams, Empowerment, and Fan Engagement for Music Creators in the Next Era of Web 3.0 NEW YORK, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Data Vault Holdings, Inc., a leader in the visualization, evaluation and monetization of tokenomics and metaverse data, today announced its partnership with music company Stemit, a pioneer in … Read more

What can NFTs do for dead artists?

Last month, while strolling through the cavernous glass-ceiling rotunda of the British Museum, I wandered into the gift shop and saw something that made me do a double take. Amid the umbrellas and souvenir postcards was a sign suggesting “Visit our NFT store” and providing a QR code. Near the cloakroom line, I encountered display … Read more

Meet some of the local artists entering the “empowering” world of NFT

Watts, who has 32,000 followers on Instagram, has since posted 19 NFTS of original abstract art featuring vibrant fluid shapes and psychedelic color patterns. He said his NFTs surprisingly didn’t get the traction and feedback he was expecting. “I’m a bit successful in the world of wall painting and painting, but when I enter the … Read more

Famous Israeli comic artists explore new worlds with the NFT collection

Five years after rising to international success and stardom as talented artists and comic book creators, Israeli couple Maya and Yehuda Devir are taking their award-winning art to another level. The married couple and parents of two will begin offering their visual pieces as NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, a type of blockchain-based merchandise that has … Read more