The Rise of Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets in Family Law Litigation

Whether you understand how it works or not, cryptocurrency is a growing asset that is disrupting societal traditions. The rise of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets has various implications in family law proceedings, particularly during the process of quantifying and dividing pools of property containing these types of assets. Special Counsel Fraser Bax and Attorney … Read more

Web3, cryptocurrencies, NFT, etc. : the case for moderating expectations of a future digital utopia

By Suhani Gandhi Although still in its infancy, the Web3 community has widely embraced the mission of raising … [+] the individual instead of society. Getty Over the past two decades of Web2 growth, big tech companies like Google and Apple have concentrated their power and amassed extreme levels of wealth and control in the … Read more

Hollywood cinematic vehicle designer gives NFT digital assets real-world utility

The metaverse is quickly becoming a reality, making its way into different aspects of our lives, including games, work, and social engagements. However, right now, many only see the metaverse as a way to enhance our physical reality by expanding the realm of what is possible. The resulting process took a concept and brought it … Read more

Owners of Digital Collectibles Continue to Take Out Loans Using NFTs as Collateral – Blockchain Bitcoin News

As non-fungible collectibles (NFTs) have become a hot commodity over the past 12 months, a number of NFT owners are taking out loans against their NFTs. This month, a project called Nftfi has so far facilitated $25.6 million in NFT loans, and last month the lending market saw nearly $50 million in NFT loans. NFT … Read more

Legal Status of Cryptocurrencies in India – Government Recognition and De Facto Tacit Approval of Digital Currency? – Fintech – India

May 19, 2022 King, Stubb and Kasiva To print this article, all you need to do is be registered or log in to There has been a lot of talk about the legality of cryptocurrency in India. The various measures taken by the Indian government establish the clear intention of the authorities to provide … Read more

How to start a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, Coinbase?

It should be noted that cryptocurrencies and trading are no longer an exotic phenomenon. Even conservative politicians are beginning to realize that cryptocurrencies or their further development will somehow affect the economy of the future. Every day we can see new laws and decrees aimed at providing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with greater freedom of … Read more


launches the NFT collection designed by renowned Brazilian visual artist Rubem Robierb Each NFT includes an invitation for two to the exclusive christening ceremony of the new ship, Celebrity Beyond, this month of November Fort Lauderdale MIAMI, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrity Cruises┬«known for its next-generation vessels at the intersection of architecture and design, … Read more

Mind Music’s “Founder” NFT Collection Will Disrupt The Digital Collectibles Market

Mind Music is a revolutionary new record label taking the music industry to the Web3. It has received rave reviews from well-known crypto influencers such as Wendy O. seems to attract the attention of many. This rare NFT collection is made up of just 1,010 unique NFTs – 1,000 publicly available, including 10 that are … Read more

NFTs go religious as Vatican creates digital gallery

Image source: Getty Images The Catholic Church announced earlier this month that it plans to digitize its vast archive of art and artifacts as a new study finds NFTs fared better than cryptos in 2022. Key points Catholic Church leaders recently announced plans to convert their invaluable inventory of statutes, religious icons, artwork and books … Read more

Beeple: We chat with Mike Winklemann about NFTs and digital art

Digital and NFT artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, needs no introduction. After all, in a way, he became the face of the NFT craze that blossomed last year. Just over a year ago, Beeple’s record $69 million NFT auction at Christie’s grabbed headlines for months. Even today, there’s probably no one in the … Read more