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Which crypto exchange is best for North American traders in 2022?

Choosing the Right Crypto Exchange in 2020

Which Crypto Exchange is Best for North American Traders?  1

Since its inception, cryptocurrency has had a significant impact on the financial scene. The industry is always evolving, which has the potential to drive new innovations in the space. Despite the rapid growth of the industry in such a short time, there is a need for an “aggregate” platform where investors can buy, sell, invest, and trade crypto assets.

However, most crypto exchanges intended to act as a hub platform have convoluted user experiences with complex trading tools and interfaces, which makes the platform difficult to navigate for newcomers and even experienced investors.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are supposed to be the gateway for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency, but the market is mostly complex, which makes it difficult to understand the use of their interfaces and tools. of trading.

There is a need for a credible and accessible platform that can serve as a portal for investors to navigate the cryptocurrency markets.

Regulatory Obstacles Facing the North American Crypto Exchange Industry

When trying to register with a cryptocurrency platform in North America, crypto users face a number of challenges. Although there are hundreds of crypto exchanges to choose from, the majority of these platforms operate without a license, which puts users at risk of losing their money.

North American users should open an account with a top-rated crypto exchange that has a regulatory license, an easy-to-use interface, and straightforward trading tools. In this article, we’ll review the top-rated cryptocurrency exchanges in North America based on metrics like user experience, regulation, and market support, as well as how to find the best one for you. .

The best crypto exchange in North America


A crypto exchange should be secure, user-friendly, and have low transaction fees. MEXC is an example of a cryptocurrency exchange that embodies the key factors that constitute the ideal cryptocurrency exchange.

MEXC is a digital asset trading platform with over 7 million users and a daily trading volume of up to $4 billion. The MEXC platform is licensed and well positioned in the North American market to provide top-tier crypto services to users in all regions. The platform positions itself in the market as an all-in-one provider of CEX services, including spot, margin, leveraged ETFs, derivatives trading and staking.

The MEXC platform has developed educational content for new users that explains how to use and navigate a cryptocurrency exchange. Content designed for experienced traders is structured to boost trading volume and provide VIP experiences for whales in every community. The MEXC platform is running promotional campaigns with prominent giveaways such as this year’s Tesla3 and Ford Fusion.

MEXC has listed over 1400 tokens and is one of the exchanges with the most trading pairs, and the platform always lists popular altcoins as soon as possible. The MX token powers the entire MEXC ecosystem. Since 2021, the MX token has grown more than 20x in value, surviving tough crypto bear times. To encourage users to use the features of the MEXC token, the platform has implemented a rewards program for MEXC token holders.

MEXC is the fastest listing platform in the industry compared to other top-rated crypto exchange platforms. The platform also has the most inventory and offers the most service options for traders. The digital asset platform has the lowest trading fees and is renowned for being scandal-free, hack-free and having a perfect reputation score.

Every MEXC user has access to their vast inventories of altcoins and low-cap tokens, enabling them to find the next “moonshot” in the crypto markets. Users of the MEXC platform can utilize the user-friendly interface, large inventories, and educational content as they explore the crypto markets in search of true wealth freedom.

Binance.US crypto exchange

Binance.US is the US branch of, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. It has attracted interest from North American investors due to its low transaction fees. Binance.US offers over 65 cryptocurrencies for investors to choose from. The platform has also created a “buy and sell” feature to help new cryptocurrency users navigate the markets. Experienced investors can also use advanced trading tools to make informed investment decisions.


Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms, was founded in 2012 and now offers a large number of supported cryptocurrencies along with a high level of security to its users. The platform is considered one of the most user-friendly. It mainly targets new traders with little to no experience in cryptocurrency trading and provides them with an opportunity.

Cryptocurrency exchanges in North America still need to be regulated before they can fully operate. To avoid falling victim to “scams,” North American crypto users should have a checklist of key factors to consider before opening an account with a cryptocurrency exchange .


There are many exchanges to choose from when trading cryptocurrencies, but it is important to note that not all exchanges are suitable for all users. Cryptography regulations and requirements differ by region, and users should identify which ones best meet their cryptography needs. Innovative cryptocurrency platforms such as MEXC are setting a precedent for how each region, including North America, can benefit from the best crypto services tailored to their needs.

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